Monday, April 12, 2010

waiting game

Tom has been waiting to get an MRI all day, all weekend in fact. I just got back and the final word is that it will actually happen at 8pm tonite. It is being done so late because getting him there and getting the MRI done is a big production based on the fact that he is on the vent and so many drips, machines, ect. They have to disconnect Tom from the vent his is on and put him on another vent, they need him to be quite sedated so that he remains still so they get good pictures, they need disconnect him from all the metal he is attached to, and they need a window of about two hours to do all this work. Hopefully, we will all have some answers soon. They also didn 't do his dressing change today because they are waiting until after they disconnect him from the wound vac. He can only be disconnected from it for a certain amount of time so they will do it after the MRI. Most everything else remains the same...improving but ever so slowly. Although, he does have a new rash covering his entire body. Infectious disease has seen him as well as his surgeon and intensivist and they all think it is a drug reaction...likely to the antibiotic they put him on for his nasty pneumonia. They are giving him Benadryl around the clock to see if it helps. If it does they will keep him on the antibiotic, if not they will change it. His sodium is high again today, 151, so they are correcting that. They are clearing a lot of mucus out of his lungs which is good too. He just had a period of about 5-7 min where is was looking at me and quiet. I was talking to him quietly about funny stories from the past and singing to him (NOT a pretty moment!) He definately looked as though he was in there. He blinked a few times and I really felt like he could hear me...and he wasn't even trying to get away from my horrible singing voice...that must be a good sign right?

I will let you know any news as soon as I do. Please continue with the prayers and positive thinking.


  1. I love your singing voice!!! Stay positive, hang in there, and don't stop believing! Love you lots!

  2. Way to go Tom!!!!! I am so excited that he was awake even for those few minutes!!!! Keep up the great work and Cheryl, your singing must have been awesome because he stayed awake and listened to you so don't sell yourself short and keep on singing!

  3. Cheryl, I am filled with admiration every time I read your posts. When someone I love gets sick (as inevitably happens in life) I will remember you - your courage, your clarity, your humor and your grace. You are a role model for all of us waiting every day for news about Tom. Slow and steady wins the race...

  4. Cheryl,

    I'm so sorry to hear this news. I found out from my former Editor at the Provoc last week. Tom is such a great guy! He was such a huge help to me and so many others throughout college. My thoughts are with you and your family as you are going through this rough patch. Thanks for keeping everyone posted.

    - Megan Kellett