Wednesday, April 7, 2010

it's been a week

So, it was about this time a week ago, I brought Tom into the doctor. What a crazy week it has been. This morning Tom is still running fevers 102-103, but as of yet they have no reason for the fevers. His initial infection group A Strep is under control on 2 IV antibiotics. His wound dressing was changed yesterday and the site looks very healthy per his surgeon Dr. Potter. They have 2 suction catheters removing drainage from his wound via the wound vac. I just spoke with the Dr. Williams the infectious disease doctor who said at this point he has no evidence of pneumonia, his urine culture is negative, and blood cultures they drew yesterday have no growth to date although it takes 72 hours for them to be negative. Dr. Williams said they will continue to monitor him closely but there is also the possibility that his fevers are a side effect of one of his meds. All this is difficult to determine so it may be a few days before they have an answer to the fevers. His electrolytes are a little out of whack so they changed some IV fluids. His kidney function continues to slowly improve. He is still swollen from all the fluids he received. They are feeding him through an oral-gastric tube and are giving him protein supplements which will all help with wound healing.

Hannah and Caitlyn are doing as well as they can. They miss daddy but know that he has a big boo-boo and that the doctors are keeping him sleepy so it doesn't hurt too much. Hannah starts soccer this evening so she is very excited. Trot keeps looking around for Tom...he seems very confused. All in all we are OK.

For some it is hard to understand that it has been a week and there isn't much improvement. I know where you are all coming from, I want Tom to be awake and smiling too. But as a nurse I understand that the littlest improvements are just as important as the big ones. The doctors will wake him when they feel he can handle the pain associated with this overwhelming wound. He is doing better he just isn't out of the woods yet. Be patient. I know Tom will be back with us. Keep the faith. Love to all.


  1. Cheryl - thanks for the updates. You are right - we tend to become impatient, but I know, as you said, that any small positive signs are reason to keep positive. I am excited for Hannah - you need to give her all your soccer expertise:)
    Love you lots!!

  2. I, along with the rest of Assumption are praying for his safety. I'm a student at Assumption and intern with Tom at the Sharks and I would love to help anyway I can. I have met your girls a few times and if you need a babysitter at all this week or need me to give them a ride to practice I can definitely do so. You can email me: or call my cell phone if you need anything: 401-487-7390. Stay strong.

    Giana Battista