Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tom causing trouble?

Tom remains stable today. No vast improvements but no set backs either. He has a fever today of 102.7 so they are monitoring that. They drew blood cultures to see if he has another infection and also did a chest x-ray to see if he is developing peumonia which is a big risk from being sedentary in bed and from being on the ventilaltor. He had an MRI of his right elbow last night because on Easter he smashed his elbow into the siderail of his bed after arousing from his sedation and extubating himself (pulling out his breathing tube.) His elbow actually looks much better today and the orthopedic docs think it is just an inflammation. The surgeons decided not to take him to the OR today, instead they are going to change his wound dressing in his ICU room. They will due surgery at a later date if his condition warrants it. His kidney function continues to slowly improve. The nurses here have nicknamed Tom "TROUBLE" which shouldn't surprise any of you. Docs are here,gotta run. Will write more later


  1. Cheryl,

    Please let us know if there is anything we can do. His Assumption family misses him and hopes that he has a speedy recovery.


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  3. You'll both be in our prayers! Hoping for a speedy recovery.


  4. Cheryl,

    Please let Tom know when you can that we're thinking of him, you, and your family. Like Laurie said, we miss him and pray he gets better soon.

    Thank you very much,
    Mike Murray

  5. Cheryl, I am so sorry to hear of all this. Hope Tom recovers quickly and try to take care of yourself too. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
    Love, Kelly

  6. Hi...what a great way to keep us all up to date. I don't have anything going this weekend so let me know if you need us to watch the girls. We had a great time with them last weekend! Give Tom a kiss for us and tell him we are praying...still! :)

  7. Cheryl - I am so glad you started this blog. Many, many are praying for Tom and the fact that his kidney function is doing better, tells me those prayers are doing lots of good. Please know that you are surrounded by lots of love. Give Tom a kiss from me and hug those girls and have the girls give you lots of hugs from me!!

  8. Hi Cheryl, I had the pleasure of working with Tom on the recent video he created for the Admissions Office at Assumption. He is amazing.
    Please know that Tom, you and the girls are in my thoughts and prayers-- heard some wonderful stories about all of you while working with him.

    Mary Bresnahan

  9. Cheryl - thanks so much for keeping us updated! Please be sure to get some rest and let everyone who can help do whatever they can for you and the girls. Sending healing thoughts and vibes to Tom and all of you.


    Andrea, Tom and Braedan

  10. Dear Cheryl -
    You are amazing to be able to get this news out to everyone with such clarity. Thank you!
    Our love to each of you -
    Kelly and Michael and Gary, too!