Friday, April 16, 2010

bigger steps

Tom continues to move in the right direction. He is on only a small amount (comparatively) of pain medicine. This am when I got here, the nurses already had him up in a chair! He had a swallow study this morning to see if he can eat or drink yet. They said a few more days. They are going to put him to work today...physical therapy is coming to get him moving. His chest x-ray has improved showing that his pneumonia is improving. They are hoping to move Tom to the floor and out of the ICU in the next few days. The nurses and doctors want to keep visiting to a minimum so that he can get some rest but please feel free to comment to the blog and I will read it to him. We are also awaiting a visit from the plastic surgeons to see what the next step is in his wound recovery.


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    We met several years back when I was a student of Tom's and worked for him at the MC (graduated in '03). I've been reading your updates every day and am so glad to hear there are signs of continued improvement! I've been thinking of Tom, you and the girls daily and sending prayers, well wishes and happy thoughts your way. Please give Tom my best and I hope he continues toward recovery.

    Take care,
    Kristine (Bergevin) Andrews

  2. Awesome! I had heard Tom was awake and you would be busy but in a chair!! So fantastic!
    I figured visiting would be curbed but still
    if you need anything youve got my number..
    So happy for the news..please give my love to Tom!
    Love Jackie

  3. This is just great news! I just learned about what was going on with Tom a few days ago ( I went to college with Tom). Awesome news, please give him my best!!!

  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I have never personally met Tom, you or your family but Tom's Dad is my Dads cousin...we are the Hoey side (don't say that to loudly). I first heard about Tom through my aunt Kathy, days after the intial incident happened. We all immediatley began to pray for Tom, you and your girls. What a random and terrible thing to have happened. This past Sunday in church I prayed feverishly for Tom's health and strength for you.
    I am so happy to hear Tom's moving in the right direction. He really is "the fighting Irish" . God bless you both and we will continue to pray for Tom. Thank you for the updates, I look forward to hearing more and more good news!!

    Jamie (Hoey) DerKosrofian

  5. Tom & Cheryl,
    Just wanted to you to know we are thinging about you guys. We are glad you are on the road to recovery. Talk to you soon!

    Tom St. John

  6. Tom - this is Jeana Edmonds - can't tell you how overjoyed all of us at AC are. And Cheryl you are an inspiration to everyone - Wow - what strength!!! So many of us at Assumption have been reading the blog with first terror and now joy. It will be a super day when Tom returns to us at AC. Jeana Edmonds

  7. So happy our Tom is back and can't wait to go back to joking and laughing again with him!!!

  8. Glad its getting better! hang in there, you dont want to miss the yankees already dominating the division.

  9. Cheryl,
    I went to FPC with Tom, and when I went to Assumption for Graduate School, Tom had just started working there. I found out what was going on with Tom from a mutual FPC friend. I'm relieved to hear that Tom is getting better. I live in Southbridge, and am not far from you, so if you need anything, anything at all, please feel free to contact me.

  10. Tom...Keep fighting! I know you have it in you!

    Thinking of you,


  11. Hi Cheryl & Tom- I've been following the blog every day and getting updates from my mom and Sarah. I am so happy Tom is getting better and I really wish I could be there. Please know that Todd and I are sending all kinds of love & prayers from California. Love you guys!
    Kerry Q

  12. Cheryl,

    Thanks for posting Tom's progress. I've been thinking about you and your family. Getting extubated is a BIG accomplishment! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing. His mental status should improve greatly once he is out of the ICU and they don't have to assess him every hour or two. Stay strong and don't forget to take care of yourself. He's going to need you (physically) more as he gets better. Get some extra sleep and rest while you've got that 1:2 nurse/pt ratio before he goes to the floor. I'll keep thinking of you guys and sending my love!
    Love, Kelly

  13. Hi Cheryl,

    OMG! I can't believe what I have been reading. My friend Michelle told me the shocking news and I have been following your blog ever since. I was lucky enough to know Tom 11 yrs ago and would like to wish him a speedy recovery and thinking of the whole family at this time.Stay strong Suzanne (Blackpool) x

  14. Hi Cheryl

    Glad to here the news that Tom is on the up. Your positivity is admirable. I met you 2 years ago at Kristen's mothers farm when I was visiting. Suzanne (above post) and I used to live at Tatnum 11 years ago. Please pass on our good wishes and tell Tom I am sending him and your family a rainbow from Dorothy! Love Michelle and Mark (Wales). Stay strong xxx

  15. hi tom!!!!!!! so glad to hear your doing good. Thank you for the blog Cheryl. We all really appreciate it. Tom, we held it down for you at the sharks. We still don't know how we did it. Made a kid cry from putting him on the jumbo tron. you would have loved it hahahahha. RUINING LIVES. Keep pushing through. Miss you!


  16. Keep fighting Tom! Thanks to Wendy Slate Berman and your great wife to keeping people informed on your condition. You have a lot of friends pulling for you. Get well soon, summers coming!