Friday, April 23, 2010

See Ya St. V's...Thanks for all your help1

Tom passed his swallow study today!!! He is just waiting for the "official" orders so I can go get him something to eat and drink. They will remove his feeding tube from his nose and his PICC line from his arm and he is ready to bust out of St. V's. He will be taking an ambulance ride to Fairlawn Rehab Hospital in Worcester for intense PT/OT for the next month or 2. I will continue the blog but not as frequently since not too much will be changing in the near future. Tom will see his plastic surgeon the week after next to determine a time for doing a skin graft surgery in the near future. I will keep you posted as things progress. Again, I cannot thank you all enough for your love, support, concern, and prayers through this very difficult time. We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives. God bless you all.


  1. Hi Cheryl,
    I'm an old friend of Tom's. Please tell him I'm so happy to hear that he is on the road to Recovery!!!
    Best of luck to him going forward and to you and the whole family as well!!

    MaryJo (Connors) Alving

  2. Cheryl,
    Do you know what day he is taking the ride to Fairlawn?

    Thanks for the updates.


  3. Yay Tom! Glad to hear things have continued to progress forward!!! Cheryl it was SO good to see you and catch up!! I had a great run on soon! Love, em

  4. Hey Guys - soo glad to hear that news. Can't wait to hear the details of Fairlawn - I have been waiting to come visit. For anyone reading this - I have set up an account to help with Tom & Cheryls medical expenses. Donations can be sent to "Tom Burke Medical Assistance Fund" c/0 Rob & Robin Hornbaker 58 Brooks St Worcester, MA 01606. Love ya Tom! :)

  5. Hey Tom -
    Can't wait to come see you!

  6. He must be so darn excited! Applesauce and pudding- here comes Tom! Love you guys.