Monday, April 5, 2010

St. Vincent's Day 6

As many of you know, Tom was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit at St. Vincent's hospital last week. I am starting this blog to help keep everyone updated with his status. For those of you who were not aware, I will give a brief overview of the last week.

Wed. March 31st: Tom asked me to take him to the Dr. He looked awful and was complaining about pain in his side and a "infected scratch" on his back. He had been vomiting and the such for about 2 days and had body aches. When he was seen at the doctor his condition was rapidly declining and he was taken by ambulance to St. V's. He received a ton of IV fluids, he was in toxic shock, and in acute renal (kidney) failure. He was started on IV antibiotics and admitted to the ICU.

Thursday April 1st: Tom was extremely confused due to his kidney failure and overwhelming infection. He was given meds to keep him calm and comfortable. He was taken to surgery because the doctors suspected that he may have necrotizing faciitis (known to most of you as the "flesh-eating bacteria"). The surgeons went in to clean out the area which extended from his spine, around his right side and up into the right side of his chest and arm pit, of any "dead" tissue. He was kept sedated and on a ventilator ( breathing machine). Tom had a very difficult night Thurs and was very critical. They were able to stablize him by the morning.

On Sat Tom had a second surgery as they found more skin and tissue that needed to be removed. He is "critically stable" at this point. They are keeping him on the vent and keeping him deeply sedated. His kidney function is slowly improving. The doctors are planning another trip to surgery tomorrow to once again clean out this huge wound. They are hoping to be able to wake him in the next few days.

So many of you have been so supportive already and I am so grateful and appreciative. I know Tom is too (although he has no concept of what has happened in the last several days.) I am sorry it has taken so long to get in touch with all of you but things have been overwhelming and days are just flying by. This is going to be a long journey for Tom so please keep your prayers and support coming.


  1. Cheryl thank you very much for doing this. I, probably like most people was very surprised to hear this news on Saturday.

    Let me know if you need someone to take care of Trot if he is still at Tatman.

    Let me know if you need anything.

    J. Clancey

  2. Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear about all of this. Thank God he recognized that it was getting worse and asked you to take him to the Doctor. I can't even imagine how scary and overwhelming it has been for you. I hope you have comfort knowing that Tom is in the best place he can be right now. Please know that you're all in my thoughts and prayers; if there's anything at all I can do please don't hesitate to ask. I love you and will be thinking about you. Lauren G.

  3. Cheryl, I am so sorry that you and Tommy are having to endure this. How old is Tommy? Our prayers are with your family at this difficult time

  4. Cheryl,

    We met briefly once last year, I worked for Tom last season with the Sharks and I graduated from AC last spring. Just want you to know that we're all pulling for you guys and that Tom's in all of our thoughts and prayers--he's the best!

  5. I'm so sorry that you are all going through this Cheryl. Thank you for sharing through this blog. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family...