Thursday, May 13, 2010

post op

Tom came through his surgery great today! His surgery took longer than expected but the result was good. Dr. Le, the plastic surgeon was able to take skin from Tom's right thigh and graft it to the wound under Tom's right arm pit and down his right chest side. He was then able to close the part of the wound that stretched across Tom's back. (I am not exactly sure what he did to close the wound but he said it will result in less scarring in the long run.) Tom was feeling OK after surgery but his back really hurt. He is on a Dilaudid (pain med) PCA (pain controlled analgesia) so that he can give himself pain meds as he needs them. I brought the girls to see Tom this evening and he was very excited to see them. The girls actually behaved better than I would have ever expected. Hannah sat near Tom and read him two books we borrowed from the library. Tom and I are stunned by how far she has come in a year of kindergarten. It's so fun to see her and Caitlyn developing. The girls are very excited to go to CT tomorrow to visit their cousins for the weekend. I will be hanging around with Tom all weekend and getting ready for him to go home. Hopefully, early next week. It was a very long day so I am going to close but I will keep you posted on Tom's progress.


  1. Great news and glad it went well. Please let us know if Tom gets shipped back to Fairlawn. Enjoy the weekend and let us know if you need anything.


  2. Cheryl and Tom, great news and glad things are moving forward in a positive direction. Hopefully sooner rather than later Tom you will feel just like you did before any of this awful stuff happened to you and who knows you may feel even better! We look forward to your return!!!!!