Monday, May 10, 2010

Nip/tuck...plastic surgery for Tom

Tom and I just got back from his pre-op physical at his doctor's office.
The nurse practitioner who initially saw Tom on that horrible Wed a month and
a half ago, did his exam today. Needless to say he is looking much better now
than he was back then. She was happy to see his recovery was going so well.
They did some blood work and an EKG and he is all set for his skin graft surgery on Thurs.
Last week it was decided that Tom would stay at Fairlawn until his surgery since visiting nurses felt his wound was too extensive to be taken care of at home. Tom has been cleared by PT and OT and is an independent man again (well, is any man truly independent? ;-) On Sat the girls, my parents and I took Tom out to lunch and yesterday we headed to his sister's house to celebrate Mother's Day. I am positive that the best gift his mother got this year was having him there!

They are changing his wound dressing right now and his wound looks amazing !!!! Nice and healthy. (I mean it probably looks gross to most people but people with warped minds like me and the nurses here it looks great!) Yeah!!!

So, to give you the outlook of the future happenings...Skin graft surgery will be at some point on Thurs (We won't have a time until Wed afternoon). Surgery will be back at St. Vincent's and he will likely be there for five days post-op. Then if he is strong enough he will go home. If he is a little too weak, he may come back to Fairlawn for a few days. So hopefully, within two weeks he will be home and good to go! We will keep you posted!!!


  1. Hey Cheryl!
    The news is sooo good! I hope you are
    well..don't get to see ya much these days!
    Did see Tom Sat..he looks and sounds really good..maybe see you sometime soon..take care
    and a belated Happy Mother's Day!

  2. SO happy to hear all of this! That he's doing well, that is. I've not seen Tom in over 20 years, but still consider him a friend, and his wife and kids, my family.

    I'm probably twisted, too, but would like to see a photo timeline of his progress. I won't blame you if you take offense to that. It probably seems like a completely weird request from someone you don't know. I do a lot of health and safety training. Without seeing any pictures, I can imagine the impact some of them might have on teaching people on how to watch infections for signs of extenuating circumstances.

    Give Tom my love. And, if you have any questions about me knowing him, ask him about my weird spelling of his name.

    Stay well,